Sunday, March 2, 2008

Costume Birthday Party (and Regency corsets)

On Saturday I was able to play dress up again in my new Civil War navy dress and join my good friends, Lily and Violet, at the 60th Birthday party for our dear friend Patrice.
Patrice's husband, Steve, gave her a true Hollywood-Style Roast. Lots of laughter was had by all, along with delicious coconut cake brought by General and Mrs. Pickett and believed to be a favorite of Robert E. Lee's.
The photo is of Violet in an 1850s orange and blue day dress, Patrice in an over-the-top black hat with feathers, Lily in an 1860s white tucked blouse and patterned skirt, and me (Jennifer) in my new 1860s Navy dress with hand sewn ribbons.
Of course lots of costuming ideas were discussed, and a serious discussion on Regency corset fittings took place. I've made an 1830s corded corset and am desperately wanting a short corset for the 1790s. (I will put that garment into the ever expanding project list.) The tip given was to make sure the bust gussets are large enough to cup the bust and just hold them up in place. Also for larger busted women, add a drawstring to the top front edge of the corset to hug the fabric closer in to the body.
If you have had luck (or disappointment) when making a Regency corset, please share your story.

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