Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Honoring Darryl Pearce

The Southern California Civil War reenacting community suddenly lost a loyal soul last month, Darryl Pearce of Camarillo who was with the 2nd Vermont Volunteers, Co. E. He was much fun to have around at events, always cracking humorous (and groaner) jokes. Darryl's wit, knowledge and dedication will be greatly missed.

Darryl, along with my husband, were the Corporals with the 2nd Vermont. Darryl handled a lot of the training and educating of the new recruits. He left a large hole in the group.

As a way to remember Cpl. Pearce, I have been asked to make black arm bands for the 2nd Vermont Boys in Blue. His fellow reenactors will proudly tie them on and wear them for the remainder of Civil War events in 2008.

I am happy to call Darryl my friend and feel honored to participate in his remembrance. Our last scenario together at Fort Knott's will always be remembered. (He played a Drunk and Thief much to everyone's amusement.)

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