Sunday, March 23, 2008

The New Flat Lining Report

I'm so excited about my new Feature Report - Flat Lining: Your Secret Component - coming out in 8 days! I've just finished adding more photos to the Corset and Skirt sections that I'm sure you'll find very helpful.
I hope you all get a copy as this will really advance you in those first stages of your historical sewing projects. Flat lining, and doing it correctly, is the foundation of your garment.

And keep visiting the Historical Sewing Blog as I'm busy on all my undergarments for my current project - the Cloak & Corset logo, an 1876 Evening Gown from Godey's Lady's Book. I will be making more posts on the progress. (Meanwhile, the facings are in the drawers, the chemise is nearly finished and the corset is flat lined.)

Oh, and be sure to leave your comments on what you would like to hear from me and The Cloak and Corset.

Have a great week!

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