Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well my roses arrived early so everything went on pause for a couple days to plant them. I can't wait til they bloom!

I did manage to get work done on sewing this weekend. As promised, here is a picture of my chemise lace. My philosophy is that I'm a modern seamstress reproducing period clothes, so I'm going to save time and effort where I can. I say, If you can machine sew it to make it faster, then do so. However, times do occur where you just have to do something by hand.

In the photo you can see I've stitched on the bias at a 1/4" seam allowance. On the left is the slight zig-zag stitching of the lace to the chemise neckline. I just pinned the bias out of the way. The raw edge of the linen is seen. Then I've pinned down the other folded side of the bias while keeping the lace out of the way underneath. Then I stitched the bias down and ran a drawstring thru the bias casing. Didn't have to hand stitch at all!

I consider machine stitching and serging of my armhole seam allowances (as you can see) on my undergarments. If I was doing these articles for competition, I would leave off the serging and hand finish the bias and lace.

To move forward with my 1876 project, I remembered and pulled out my 1873 black Visiting Dress skirt and put it on my old dressform. I will be taking this same pattern and altering it and combining it with others to create the base for the 1876 gown. Keep watching for more progress!

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