Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sewing, Writing, Gardening: Motivation Please!

I've been so busy that we're already into April and our new Special Report is out and we've had great response to it. Make sure you get your copy. And if you are one of our members, remember to grab this report while your discount is valid.

So I'm currently sewing up my undergarments for the 1876 Evening Gown. But at the same time very busy finishing up editing on the Corded Petticoat Special Report (releasing very soon) and writing sections in the Modern Sewing ebook coming out this summer. In addition, it's Spring - and that means planting new roses in my new yard! (This is our first spring in our new house.)

For sewing: I only have the binding for 1/2 the corset left, then grommets and adding the lacing. It looks beautiful. I will post photos soon!
I had to get more lace for the chemise but now that's on my cutting table ready to sew onto the neckline. I'm sewing the lace first then sewing down the bias casing so as to not sew the casing closed when putting on the lace. (Will post a photo of this too.)
And of course, the drawers still sit in 2 pieces and the bustle needs casings for the wire. Oh, and I haven't pulled out any patterns for petticoats yet. (Been doing TONS of research though!)

With so many things going on, how does one stay motivated?

The sewing is very important to stay on schedule and finish before the Ball. But then there is still time.
You all, of course, want your next ezine to arrive on time, so that's a higher priority to finish this month's article.
Then to gardening. This one is prioritized by the weather (mostly beautiful and fine here in California) and the fact that my bare-root roses arriving by the 9th will need to be put in the ground soon after they arrive.
So the motivation right now is to make a priority list and get to work!
That means I better sign off for now! My list is calling {or is that sleep :-)}

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