Friday, May 9, 2008

1876 Project - Undergarments

Here is the final chemise and corset that I finished for the gown. I decide to make a linen chemise even though this is the 1870s, my 1830s linen chemise is so comfortable that I had to make another one for Victorian wear.
The corset is off-white silk and two layers of coutil. I dug out my corset pattern from my "regular" brocade corset and took the pattern in a bit because it was closing all the way at the upper edge.

Here is the lobster tail bustle as it fits on me. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I used the Jean Hunnisett pattern but did not enlarge it. My hip measurement is bigger than her fit model so the edge of the bustle is a bit small for my back side.

You can see the 1st petticoat worn over the bustle and that I have clustered rows of ruffles at my side hip area to accomodate for the too-narrow bustle.

You can see one ruffle that goes more onto the side front than the others. Actually the top two ruffles went ALL the way around. (Lesson I learned on how to make proper undergarments for the period you are recreating.)
I ripped off the front portion of those ruffles and added them to the center back. I then cut and added a completely new ruffle to fill in the gap. You can see this as the second ruffle from the bottom and how it is a bit longer than the rest.
That middle ruffle that goes to the front was original.
I will post my 2nd petticoat photos later with my "secret" method of getting that train to hold its shape. I need to see if the train is actually supported by it and may need to adjust before the final version.

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