Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Calling all Pigs! Guinea Pigs that is.

Most of you have discovered our Guinea Pig page and have learned from Sara and Sheila's most recent sewing projects. I hope you picked up a new technique or two!

But in looking at the previous Guinea Pig's works, you might have thought to yourself - "I don't even have a garment good enough to share it with others." YES you do.

The call is out for you who are currently working on a historical costume!

Do you find yourself in the middle of the project but are stumped on a particular area, or maybe you are just struggling to finish the garment? Becoming a Cloak & Corset Guinea Pig will get you going again.

We're not looking only for finished ensembles.

If you are stuck at the pattern alteration stage or are having terrible luck getting your buttonholes right, volunteering your work-in-progress will give you access to expert personal sewing help on the garment you are working on right now.

What if you're new to historical sewing and only have a chemise finished? What if the gown is still only in your head? No worries! You can submit just the chemise for review. We can all learn how to make better undergarments - that's what forms our specific silhouette which is the foundation to a great outfit.

If you are selected as the Cloak & Corset Guinea Pig, not only will you receive sewing assistance, you will also receive a special report.

Take the challenge today! Visit our Guinea Pig page at Cloak & Corset for more information.

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