Thursday, May 29, 2008

Iron Exploding!

So shortly after I wrote up my last post about the overskirt draping (around 11am), I locked myself in the sewing room. I turned on my iron and retrieved my washed chemise to press.

I burn out an iron about every two to three years because I use them SO much. Last week when on, the light would click on-off-on-off-on for no reason. Then the light would go off, I turned the dial to Off but then the light would come back on. Strange. I decided this iron was about dead and I needed a new one. Ok, just after I'm done with the Evening Gown in mid June.

Not a chance.

As soon as I started pressing the chemise lace a great burning smell erupted in the room. I keep scraps of muslin on my board for when the iron spits or I need to test steam or clean the plate, so I grabbed the stack and this is what happened:

The iron BURNED this cotton fabric! Whoa! Now the room really smelled like the house was on fire. Quick open the window and unplug the thing!

So much for getting right to sewing. My very next step was pressing the organdy for the overskirt. I HAD to get that done before I could move on. So a trip to Kohl's landed me another nice Rowenta Professional and got me back to sewing by 2pm. All is well again.

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