Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lower Apron sewn

I was finally able to iron the 10 yards of gorgeous Swiss batiste I purchased from Farmhouse Fabrics and get to work on it. It is such a beautiful fabric!

Here is the lower apron all sewn down to the flat base. The ruffle at the hem is folded over, making it double rather than having a stitched hem. The fabric is opaque but sheer so the double layer on the ruffle will help hide the top of the pink pleats on the skirt base.

My next step is to sew down the pink bias "ribbons" along the rows of stitching. (This was often done in the later Victorian trimmed dresses - add trim to cover construction stitching. Great to do if your seams are less than perfect or straight!)

After the pink ribbon is on the whole apron gets stitched to the skirt base. Then the overskirt will get draped and sewn. After that I can finally get the polonaise bodice fitted.

Remember, when making Victorian (and most historical clothing), start with the skin and work out. I got bogged down in the petticoat stage because I needed to get the silhouette right before I built the skirt on top of it. SO important. Silhouettes make or break the time you are trying to recreate.

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