Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mentor Assistance

I have been sewing for nearly 25 years, mostly my own clothes and the occasional home dec item such as pillowcases and window treatments.

Shortly after I began my foray into making historical costumes and clothing, I met another girl who was on the same journey. I learned so much from Michelle in those first couple of years that I have since looked to her as my mentor.

Although I did teach her more in-depth techniques in the basics of sewing, she took me to new levels in historical construction. For the past several years, Michelle and I have greatly expanded our historical sewing skills, bounced ideas off each other for the tips and tricks to historical costume sewing, taught and learned from other friends in this particular hobby, and generally progressed to become sewing masters.

Everyone needs a mentor in their certain field of study - someone who you can go to for ideas, a shoulder to cry on, viewing that new costume movie together, or just a laugh over a nice cup of tea. Mentors give you tough love and encourage you to keep going when your project seems a failure.

We all have mentors in various areas of our lives. Search them out and thank them for being there on your journey through life.

And as for sewing - keep learning all you can about many different techniques and ideas; perhaps someday YOU'LL be a mentor to someone just starting out in this fading life-skill we embrace as Clothing Construction.

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