Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pink Pleated Ruffles

I forgot how long it takes to pleat a width of fabric! Too long.
Well, here is the lovely pink pleated ruffle that goes along the lower edge of the front and side of the skirt. I made the entire ruffle in knife pleats all facing the same direction.

This is the ruffle pinned to the skirt base. On the left is the raw edge of the side back panel. I am basting the silk here so it is enclosed with the center back panel seam. The silk train only goes up the center back as far as the height of this ruffle for continuity. The top edge of the ruffle will be covered with the gathered overskirt.

You can see the center portion of ruffle is shorter than the side part. This is to save on fabric (costs) as the lower apron will go down farther in front and therefore the height of the pleated ruffle need not be any higher than required.
See my Flat Lining Feature Report for more information on this technique.

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