Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yea for Bias Makers

I am now a big fan of the bias tape maker!!
Oh my - what a time saver. I didn't want to buy pre-made ribbon for the pink bands on the 1876 skirt. But I knew if I cut bias strips from my pink fabric (what I wanted so the pinks would all be the same), it would take me forever to press under the seam allowances on both edges.

I was able to make yards (goodness - 10 at least) of bias strips, with both edges turned under and sharply pressed in about an hour. That includes marking and cutting the bias from the fabric too. It would take me hours to press under both edges by hand without this tool.

So if you are looking for ribbon to match your project (stuff you can stitch flat to your work) then the bias tape makers are for you. They come in different sizes: 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1". Haven't seen them in any other sizes but these cover most needs. Great for finishing necklines and bodice hems too.


Marcail Gaelyn said...

ok, you have sold me on this! =) I should have picked this up *before* I made about 10 yds of bias for my Elizabethan bodice! Not that I'm unsatisfied with how my piping/bias tape turned out, but saving some time would have been quite handy! Next time, I guess.
Where did you get the Bias Tape Maker? JoAnnes?

Jennifer said...

I've been sewing for over two decades and never had this tool until last week. How did I live without it?!
You can purchase them at most fabric and quilting stores. They are found in the notions section (sewing and quilting). I paid around $4 for this 1/2" size. Worth its weight in gold!