Thursday, June 5, 2008

Birthday Time!

Happy Birthday to me -Jennifer!

Connie, the owner of the store where I work, was so nice to bring in a delicious cake from the local Smith's Bakery. Another designer here, Kathleen, also has her birthday today so we made it a party.

Today I reviewed my goals for 2008:
I want to learn embroidery this year. I have some wonderful period patterns from my library of Godey's Lady's Book and Peterson's to work on.

And I also want to make a pie from scratch. Those that know me know I can't cook to save my life, but I love to bake. I would, at some point, want to learn to bake a pie in a cast iron Dutch oven while on Oak Street at a Civil War event.

Anyone have any great recipes for a Dutch oven pie?

Keep your eyes out for our June Guinea Pig! She looks as delightful as my birthday cake! But her white organza is topped off with pink not red and a hand-made accessory accompanies it.

**Remember to frequently wash your hands while hand sewing.

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Marcail Gaelyn said...


Happy Birthday!!

And regarding Dutch Oven baking - I probably have a Dutch Oven Pie recipe somewhere... :) Of course, that's an item on my "goal" list of cooking demo items at the Inn (to accomplish at some point). For a while now, I've been considering buying one of the many "Dutch Oven Cook Book"s that are out there (to add to my collection of cook books - both period reproductions and modern).