Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Regency Frustrations

My new sage green Regency evening gown that I made for the Jane Austen Evening back in January did not last through the night unharmed.

No, it did not rip or fall apart.
My dress shield (to protect from perspiration) shifted and left the muslin lining and outer silk damp.

Well, I've never had a problem with sweat on silk. I just get it dry cleaned or hand wash it.

Unfortunately, it was not that simple.

That, my friends, is the result of a bad dye job. The fabric actually changed color, from green to blue.
I've never experienced THAT before. I tried rinsing in water but to no good results. The fabric had been changed. How weird is that??

I was told that dry cleaning would not make the color come back (or go away). It was a permanent change.


Well, I pulled out what little fabric I had left and measured. I have EXACTLY enough to cut a new front/side piece and one sleeve. No more. And the new sleeve will have to be cut slightly off grain to fit. But I'm basically making a new bodice.

So this week is the challenge of ripping apart my beautiful and tight sewing work. It will be a challenge to put back together since all my seams are graded to tiny widths and some are clipped. Not to mention the fraying silk on the waistline seam.

So far, one sleeve is completely out, the lace off, the waist tape off, and the bias neck finishing half off.

The dress was such a good fit with my corded corset, and I really loved the design, so that is the reason I've added this additional work to my schedule.

Anyone for three versions of Pride & Prejudice to rip stitches by?

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