Thursday, September 25, 2008

1830s Dress Progress

The Wives & Daughters Picnic is quickly approaching on Saturday the 27th.
So as usual, the flurry of thread and needle is causing hurtful fingers as I push, ever so much, into a very tightly woven silk taffeta.

Here are a few in-progress pictures I took a few days ago.

This is the finished LARGE sleeve just pinned to the armhole. The sleeves will be the last thing to attach to the bodice, followed by the neckline lace, then it will be completely finished.

From the fashion plate, the skirt trim is made up of a large continuous line of deep, jagged points with shorter points filling in the arches. What time it took to fiddle with the fabric and pencil lines to come to this pattern design!

They were sewn on last weekend. From handling the skirt since, the sharp points have a tendency to curl out. It almost looks like I took scissors to the skirt hem with a vengeance.

Here is the skirt pin-pleated on my dressform.

The center back panels were cartridge pleated to fit the very center back of the bodice.

The skirt is now attached to the bodice and the front pleated drape (bertha) is pinned in place, ready for tacking.

I've really toyed with the name of this color of the fabric and concluded that it is perfect Dark Mark or Slytherin Green. I know Slytherin greens can be a bit more kelly, but this apple green silk is a sage shot with a yellow gold that gives it just that sheen. And in the Harry Potter movies when we see the Dark Mark, it is a gold/green color. That IS my fabric.

So who knows? Perhaps I can bully this costume up with black accessories (e.g. belt, jewelry, hat, cape) and be a Slytherin witch for some future Harry Potter event.

For now, however, it will be elegant and darling and very proper while visiting Molly Gibson and her step-sister Cynthia.


Dixie Redmond said...

What can I say but WOW about this dress. I've got to watch your blog from now on - I might not have the patience to sew period costumes, but I love to see them!


Jennifer said...

Thank you for your lovely words!