Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cute Defeats Pretty

Last night Jeff and I made it over to the Great Kern County Fair to check out my entries and see the sights (read: livestock, furry animals, craft work and crazy/weird people).

First stop: Building 4 and the Needlearts Show. The number of entries for the general sewing category were really down from last year. This year I entered into the Professional category under the classes of Costume (1876 White & Pink Evening Gown (a' la Wedding Cake Dress) and 1806 Green Silk Ball Gown), Men's (Green Wool Regency Tailcoat), and Miscellaneous (Ivory Corset and Regency Straw & Silk Bonnet).

Well, I discovered I won one 1st Place and three 3rd Place ribbons. Ok. So what beat me out? I'm curious.

First, here are my two dresses entered in the Costume Class. The 1876 Evening Gown ending up placing 3rd. (Huh?)

The Regency gown, although I'm very pleased that it was displayed on a rare dressform, did not place. (I think it probably would have won 4th since I didn't see any other costumes for Professional.)

You want to know what beat out my lovely Wedding Cake Gown?


Ok, so they are a bit adorable. Wrapped around toddlers, they would win anybody over.

So just goes to show that not everyone can see the amount of work that goes into reproducing historical clothes/costumes. Or appreciate the work. So maybe next year I need to make a cute turn-of-the-20th-century Dorothy costume or something from the American Girls series....

The first place ended up on my Victorian Corset. I'm proud of that. Although, that was a last minute entry: "Oh, why not put the corset in. Just for fun."

And my (finally) finished Regency bonnet I started at Costume College several years ago and finished trimming last month received 3rd place.

Jeff's very nice Regency tailcoat also received 3rd place.

What was disappointing however, was that we could not find the first OR second place winners in the Men's category. We looked forever for them. Hmmm...

I really debated putting the coat into Costume or Men's but went with the Men's so as to not compete so much with myself with the gowns. Again, no appreciation for historical sewing. I'm thinking this did not get a higher place as it is not a "modern" garment but simply a man's wool tailcoat.

So the lesson (if there is one), is: if you want to compete in the fair with your historical sewing, only enter them in the costume category; for there is the only chance for the judges to appreciate your work. Stick with modern clothes for other categories.

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