Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sewing for others

Last month I was recovering from Costume College and the last push on getting the eBook ready for publication, so my sewing was limited. Or was it?

I had promised my husband a new Civil War shirt as his historical shirts are now getting more worn out than his modern clothes and they are having to be replaced. So that got done.

Then a few months ago my friend and mentor, Michelle, and I came up with the idea of a great birthday gift for our friend Becky. Becky's turning a special age next week and celebrating with a fun costume party (of course).

Well, we decided to pull in some more friends and make Becky a whole new Civil War outfit complete with undergarments and accessories! But to do all of them in time for the Huntington Beach event over Labor Day weekend.

So I busied myself with making a new corset and a new apron for her. Here she is opening the corset.

Here is the new apron.

Becky also received a new chemise, drawers, sheer dress of bodice and skirt, reticule with her character's initials and a braided hairpiece. She was all set!

It was a memorable birthday gift and one Becky will use for some time - especially for summer events.

Happy Birthday Becky (aka Violet Johnson)!

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