Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Costume Design: The Duchess

The UK's Telegraph website has a recent article on the costume design of The Duchess. Above is a particularly great screen shot of one of my favorite costumes worn by Keira Knightley. Just brilliant.

I was finally able to see this new costume drama last weekend. (I was disappointed when it was first released Sept. 19 as it was severely limited - like only one theater in LA! But pleasantly discovered while at the Wives & Daughters Picnic that it was opening wide on Oct. 10. Excellent.)

I had to wonder about the plot because I didn't quite know what the filmmakers wanted us to get out of her life. I've only scanned brief sections of the Amanda Foreman biography and Lady Georgiana (Geor-ja'-na) did not have too happy a life. Fortunately the movie only touched on a few of her hardships.

The movie is a fabulous, constant drool-fest for gorgeous 18th Century clothes. The film starts in 1774 and takes us into the early 1790s. If you are at all interested in Georgian costumes, go see this movie! It gives much to discuss there.

Oh, and the wigs and hats are to die for.

Go here for the Telegraph article. Enjoy!

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Jenn M said...

How funny that out of the whole movie this is the outfit I fell in love with...I was sadden to hear from Maegen that the upper half and the lower half were seperated by a good 5 years. I still really think it's fabulous!