Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Moorpark Encampment

Thanks to all who came by Oak Street to say hi. Quite a number of you visited!

Saturday was fabulous weather that brought bright sunshine, constant battle maneuvers, an opportunity for a REAL tintype photograph (with my husband's unit the 2nd Vermont Volunteers), a blazing fire sunset, lively dancing and terrific conversation.

Sunday morning blew in with a vengeance with strong, cold gusts threatening to make our flys into sails. We could have floated to Death Valley if we had wanted to! And the dirt that came with it - yikes! I'm still finding black dirt in my skin crevices.

Apparently our camp on the main pedestrian road became the wind blocker to the entire encampment. Walk 200 yards and you were in the warm sun with only the slightest breeze.

Here is a video taken by Jessi Selleh for the Ventura County Star.

Much of the video shows our Oak Street and activities. You can hear the wind whistling in the background.

If you catch me dressed in all black, stay tuned for a post of my new secret project that I debuted on Sunday of the event.

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