Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Widow's Weeds - The Undersleeves

Because I wanted to introduce Mrs Minton as a new (3 mo. old) widow, I wanted the correct first-year mourning black undersleeves.

I used the dress coat sleeve pattern and made adjustments as given in the Undersleeve mini-report to create appropriate undersleeves.

The upper portion and narrow cuff is black sateen (again, from my stash) with silk chiffon for the lower part. Can I just say how I hate sewing with silk chiffon?! Probably one reason I'm known as the Cotton Girl as cottons stay put - silk chiffon likes to go explore every centimeter of my table and machine.

For the Moorpark event I was lazy and just safety pinned them to the bodice. I will go back and add tie ribbons.

I like undersleeves as 1) they are ever so appropriate for this era and 2) they just look fabulous rolled up and over with the dress sleeves when you are working and washing dishes.

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