Friday, December 19, 2008

(18th C.) Cotton Girl!

So today I ran into Beverly's for some ring tape for my mini-Roman shade. (Thanks to Twila and her tutorial for reminding me of that time saver instead of sewing 20 rings to the drape by hand.)

Well, I had to walk past the wonderful quilting cotton fabrics. I'm such a Cotton Girl! Always have been too. Well, it makes me want to sew a day dress again. Now, I have no idea what time period or design but just that I want to make a cotton dress.

After the first of the year the major fabric stores will start putting out tons of spring fabrics. It's the best time! I get so inspired by spring fabrics and colors.

Perhaps I just need to dig out that lovely white floral fabric (actually a sheet set from Ikea (I know - I'll look like I purchased my cloth from the same dry goods merchant as so many others.) and get started on a 1780s gown and petticoat like this 1780s robe 'a l'anglaise from the Kyoto Costume Institute.

Or maybe a robe and petticoat like this:

I have so much fabric in the king size sheets I purchased so I can get a full costume or two out of them. Then again, one out of this fabric, although cute, is enough. Besides, one gets bored sewing on the same fabric for too long!


Leigh said...

I rather like this 1780 danish dress which very handily has a pattern someone at the Museumn drafted from it.
I use this site to translate from Danish to English. It still takes some deciphering but is usually entertaining.

Jennifer said...

Great gown! I love the stripes.

Yes, the Danish National Museum has wonderful photos of existing garments.
Thanks for pointing this one out. I'll take one in blue and ivory.

Dixie Redmond said...

I love the bottom dress in this post, but I would look as wide as I am tall wearing something like that as I am short and full-figured. Don't really need the ? pannieres, as I have natural ones, y'know.

Would you stop by my blog and help me with a little identification on the age of some dress in some old photos?