Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ohhh - a pink dress

Like I need another pink bustle dress! Well, honestly, my recent 1876 gown was mostly white with a little pink. I don't have a PINK dress at all.

As I was searching for photos to insert into the updated Glossary (a bonus with the eBook) I found this lovely fashion plate from Godey's Lady's Book February 1876.

And wouldn't you know it - I already have 7 yards of 60" wide silk taffeta the exact same color!

However I'd probably have to order a couple more yards as 7 would be a stretch to get that entire train poofed.

But I can't think about that now.
I'll think about that tomorrow after the 2nd edition of the eBook is released and I've made new 18th C stays and about four 18th C outfits I already have fabric and designs for.

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