Sunday, December 14, 2008

What's On The Cutting Table - old projects/repairs

*I have a small window right next to my front door, so yesterday I decided to finally pull out my fabric and cut out a small (10") wide soft shade. With a quick trip to Home Depot for the wood mounting and hardware, it'll be up by the end of the week.

*I have so many repairs to do! Several of my pieces got sightly ripped at the Moorpark event in early November. Arghhh. A necessary evil.

1. Drawers - lower facing point to reinforce

2. Petticoat - I'm lazy and have never sewn on a proper hook/bar so I've been using a safety pin. Well, this time I stepped on the hem and it ripped a nice square chunk out of the waistband. So another repair/reinforcement. Maybe I'll get a hook on this time.

3. Black widow's dress - the top of the seam at the skirt opening came out a bit - this with a 9" opening! So have to reinforce.

4. Hook and bar on my black linen petticoat

5. Belt loop that came off on a modern Gap skirt.

6. Modern capri denim pants that some how got a vertical tear near the zipper placket. Wonder if I accidentally snagged it with my seam ripper....

And then it's on to finishing my 1860s blue silk bonnet and 90" hoop for the widow's weeds. (I'm using a modified version of View A from the Laughing Moon Hoops and Bustles pattern.)


Anonymous said...

I made a "tutorial" for roman shades... not that you need it, but fun to share! :)!.html


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Mighty Mendit? It really works! I got mine online at

Jennifer said...

Twila, your tutorial was great!
By day I work at a high-end furniture store that also designs custom draperies. So I'm around lots of beautiful drape treatments.

netmw, I have heard of Harriet Carter but not of Mighty Mendit. Thanks for the suggestion - I'll check it out.


Jeff said...

you will soon have another project to add to your list...your husband's sergeant chevrons.

Jennifer said...

That will be added. Your first event is when .... February?