Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January's Project

Finished: The new sergeant stripes onto my husband's Civil War jacket.

Next: An early 1860s paletot (jacket) for my upcoming Civil War event at Knott's Berry Farm. It can get chilly in the evenings and I want a period outerwear garment to keep warm in besides my lovely 12 foot paisley wool shawl. Nice, but I want a travel-appropriate garment.

In the photo, clockwise from top left: 1863 Godey's jackets, an early 1870s paletot from The Gilded Age (Putnam Co. Museum), my sketched design with pagoda sleeves, fringe and cording put on in a Greek pattern, and a 1861 full-length paletot from RL Shep's book Civil War Ladies.

I found a lovely grey wool suiting at JoAnn's for 30% off. I then wandered over to the trim aisle. (I know, you're probably thinking "Why is she doing that? Their selection leaves much to be desired for historical trim. True, but I didn't want to spend time shopping online, I didn't know what I was looking for, and I had coupons to use.)

I found a gorgeous rayon (ok, it's close to silk!) fringe that looks more period than the basic poly fringe they've carried for years. I had to decide on the great plum or royal blue. The decision was made when I found a nice rattail cord in the same blue. The blue trim will also coordinate with more of my dresses (not that that's important but the blue was just stunningly Victorian against the grey wool and my character has the means to purchase it, even during war times).

I spent a few hours last night tracing out my Widow's dress bodice, drafting it larger for a coat pattern and extending it for an approx. 27" back length. I still need to draft the pagoda sleeve then the muslin can be sewn and fitted over my dress on my dressform. I will be using the information in Ch. 28 - Waist Tapes from the eBook to keep the back fitted.

Stay tuned for more progress updates as this jacket will be finished in the next couple of weeks.

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