Thursday, January 1, 2009

What's On The Cutting Table for 2009

I have an 11-year daily journal that has a page for goals for each year. Each December/January I start listing new goals of General Things (lose 20 lbs., buy new car, etc.), Books to Read (Little Women, Harry Potter 7 (again), North and South (Gaskell), The Duchess biography, etc.), Business/Work goals, and Sewing Projects.

While I know I'll be focusing on some 18th C. pieces, other time periods keep calling to me as well (such as my Civil War reenacting wardrobe and Regency that I love at any time).

So far on the list for 2009 is:

  • 90" Hoop for my new widow's dress.

I'm using the Laughing Moon Hoops & Bustles pattern, view A but without the top two hoop rows. My current main hoop is 115", but I want a smaller one to stick with the poorer situation of my character. I'll reserve my 115" and 125" hoops for my Elizabeth character.

        • 18th C. Stays with reed boning

        I already have a lovely cream brocade corset from the JP Ryan pattern (although it still needs 6 hand eyelets to be completely finished). However, I heavily boned it with the usual flat metal bones. This sucker is heavy! My bullet-proof vest. No wonder I haven't finished the eyelets.

        Well, I want to make a lighter weight one. Reed is period appropriate and the best way to achieve a more delicate set of stays.

        I'm now torn as to what pattern to begin working from: making the JP Ryan Strapless Stays again or the Mantua Maker's 18th C. Stays.

        Anyone use the Mantua Maker pattern before? I've made up her Victorian and Regency corsets and the size I used was a bit small to my measurements. Of course I'll mock up the pattern first, though not sure what I want to start with.

        Any opinions/ideas out there??

        Of course I could branch out and try the Reconstructing History 1740s - 1790s Stays (never have used her patterns)

        or even take the time to draft out of Corsets & Crinolines. (I sigh at that idea.)

        • 1780s Caraco & Petticoat

        I watched The Duchess last night (Yea! for DVDs!) and liked Georgiana's white caraco (with long tail/peplum) and matching petticoat in the scene where she gives up Eliza. My sheet set from Ikea would be perfect for this costume. Although as I study more 18th C. I do believe anything from the 1780s and early 1790s would be a great addition to my costume closet. There's so much I want to make!

        I have simply loved this JP Ryan Jacket pattern for years. So I see not just a matching caraco and petticoat but a few other jacket and petticoat ensembles in my future.

        • 1850s Blue Silk Bonnet

        I started this Miller's Millinery pattern over a year ago and it's still not finished - although I did make good progress on it last August. It just needs to get finished.

        These 4 are "officially" on the list. Of course I will get sidetracked - my attention pulled in other directions - and miscellaneous work will pop up onto the cutting table, both expected and not.

        And there are still the small repairs from my last post of the two petticoats, drawers and widow's dress seam to fix.

        Now that the holidays are over I can concentrate on getting these little things off my table and my time onto larger projects. Oh! and mustn't forget my hubby's new sergeant's stripes onto his Civil War jacket as he was recently promoted from corporal. His (and my) first event of the season is on Valentine's weekend so I should do it NOW and not delay until two days before. (How many of us know that procrastination??)

        As I think of more garments I want to sew, you'll see them posted here - along with their progress. And please let me know your opinion on what corset pattern I should work from because that will be one of the first garments I attack.

        Happy 2009 to All and Happy Sewing on your own chosen projects!

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