Saturday, February 28, 2009

18th C Fly Fringe - How To

For those of you who love 18th Century fashion (or are starting to skirt around the petticoats and the Francaises, like me) I've just discovered an amazing tutorial on how to MAKE fly fringe! You know, that small trim on the edges of late 18th C. trimmings that has tiny threads cut to make bits of fringe.

Well, check out the instructions over at Fancy Girl. (Click on Fancy Work then Fly Fringe.)
Here is a photo of her hand-made trim:

Wow! Thanks Vivien.
Now for the patience, hours and yards of silk floss to make my very own.

How cool is that??

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Jennifer said...

Oh, and be sure to check out her basic knotting instructions to help get you started before diving into the fly fringe. Click on Fancy Work then Knotting.

For shuttles she recommends Wm. Booth Draper ( )