Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Colonial Times

This past weekend I just finished the HBO mini-series John Adams.


The art direction was amazing, the acting superb, the costumes gritty and real, and I was left with wanting more.

Life was breathed into the people we study as our Founding Fathers. The trials and joys experienced in 18th Century life was on full display.

Beautifully done. No wonder it's won so many awards and nominations.

Now to find my way to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia to study more of this fascinating time of American history.

Has anyone been there? Any recommendations on where to stay or what to do?


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I also absolutely loved this series. It has been a great success, and I hope that now reason is seen that there is a market for well done productions, and that this will continue!

Marcail Gaelyn said...

I've been to Colonial Williamsburg! (Back in 1997) It was amazing. Definitely worth the trip. I was only there for like a day (since I was with my family at the time, and we were fitting in a ton of stuff on our 2 week whirlwind trip), but it definitely made an impression.

Colonial Wiliamsburg's site: http://www.history.org/

What to See & Do Page: http://www.history.org/visit/whatToSeeAndDo/

I do remember going through a few of the buildings, seeing some gardens, and interacting with the living historians (historical recreationists, or whatever term you want to use =) as they did their trades or went about their business there. Such fun!

Suggested Itineraries from the official site: http://www.history.org/visit/whatToSeeAndDo/historicArea/itineraries.cfm

Hope this info helps! =)

Jennifer said...

YES! Please send more like this our way.

And thanks, Becky, for the additonal sites. Now I HAVE to get there.