Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick & Easy Reticule

For the Jane Austen Evening this year, I was fortunate enough to not be scrambling around the night before trying to get both my husband's outfit and my outfit finished (unlike last year!). This year, Jeremiah wore the same outfit from last year and I wore a dress I had made back in September for my sister's 30th birthday party. (I did intend to add a few decorative touches to my dress before this event, but I just didn't get around to it and I did not want to stress myself out over it, so I put it off for next time.)

The morning of the event, I gathered all our clothes together and put everything by the door as we would be dressing at my sister's before the dance. As I was gathering everything, I realized that I did not have a reticule to go with my outfit (it's hard to go anywhere without a purse; I just feel naked without it, plus I needed a place to hide my camera and chapstick).

So, I decided that while Jeremiah was fixing my sister's computer at her place before the event, I would borrow her sewing machine to make a quick reticule to go with my outfit.

I looked through some scraps of fabric and found one that, although the colors did not match my dress at all, would do just fine (especially since it was already pre-washed and ready to go).

I used the pattern and instructions from the Modern Sewing Techniques for Historical Clothing Construction eBook (part of the new Accessories section). It was called a Quick & Easy Reticule. And it was.

I cut out the pieces at my place before we left and then did the rest in the little bit of time I had before we needed to start getting ready for the evening. The only thing I adjusted from the pattern was to add a layer of interfacing to give a little more sturdiness to my fabric. I also only added one side of the drawstring as the cording I had was pretty thick and two would not have fit inthe openings I had created. Other than that, the instructions were easy to follow and the reticule worked out very nicely for the entire evening.

If you want more great tips and sewing instructions like this Quick & Easy Reticule, make sure to check out the Modern Sewing Techniques for Historical Clothing Construction eBook today!

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