Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rained Out - Hoop Project

Due to the cold WET storm that was due to blow in this weekend, the HCA board voted to cancel our attendance at Knott's. Our group can handle cold, but rain and wind not so much.

However, today is nice and sunny here and the clouds are gone. But that was the thing - the rain was due all day Friday (set-up time) and another storm expected to arrive on Sunday (tear-down time). Yesterday was indeed quite wet and cool.

So to prevent pneumonia and other sicknesses for everyone, I've remained here at home sleeping in, doing random house cleaning, pulling weeds around the roses and sago palm, sewing and writing for Cloak & Corset.

With all the debate this week to cancel or not, I decided to plough ahead and finish my small hoop. I used the Laughing Moon Hoops & Bustles pattern, view A but left off the top two rows.

In the photos I have my bustle pad tied under the hoop to kick it out a bit in back.

( You can see the hoop angling up to the right (left in photo) which clearly shows off my higher right hip.)
Here's my basic round navy skirt over the small hoop and one plain petticoat. Man, I need another shorter petticoat with a couple of wide, stiff ruffles near the bottom now.

Overall not a bad look. I needed/wanted a smaller hoop for my widow's dress to reflect her lower station. However, I'll need to add that new petticoat to my Cutting Table list. The hoop itself was a day project. (How come I put it off for so long when it's really quite simple?!)

I cut the size 26 at the hem for a finished (according to the pattern chart) 88" and tapered to a size 18 at the waist. Well, the lower hoop row came out only 84" finished. So indeed, it is a small hoop - smaller than I wanted as I would have liked to err on the larger side of 90" instead of smaller. Oh well. Petticoat City here I come by way of Starch Creek....


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I can't imagine making a hoop skirt in a day! I suppose I'm not that disciplined, although I've never tried it! I have some Truly Victorian hoop patterns in the cupboard for some years now and haven't dared crack them open yet!

mijndroomhuisje said...

ive got the same problem..not the currage to now ive started a blog (not waisting my time hihi) about the history, ideas, inspiration, holding the sewing for later
i love your blog!!

Jennifer said...

Thank you mijndroomhuisje! I hope it inspires you to sew. Don't spend too much time creating project ideas - put them to work.

And Robin, this hoop was fairly easy compared to other hoops. I've made the Truly Victorian round cage that took a few days. It is my main hoop and I love it - especially during hot California events as it allows for air flow.

I also have a larger hoop with sewn on ruffles made from a highly modified Simplicity pattern. That one took me 22 hours from start to finish.

So comparatively, this small hoop really is easy. :-)