Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sometimes I hate reality decisions

Looking at the two projects I want completed for the Fort Knott's event next weekend (14th & 15th), I've reached that point that something has to give. I can sew fast but reality will throw things in the way that make me reconsider priorities.

1) I need to finish my paletot (it's still chilly here in So. Cal in February). The construction itself is so not hard - pretty easy anyway - but the hand couched trim is taking time. I've completed the trim on both sleeves and will be putting the rest of the jacket together today. But the couched trim on the hem is a minimum of 12 hours (estimated from the time it took for the sleeves).

Here's one completed sleeve with trim. The trim pattern is a Greek key taken from Godey's January 1860. I used the oh-so-modern technique of enlarging the pattern on my computer printer/copier and transferring to tracing paper.

2) And I would really like to complete the 90" smaller hoop I've talked about to wear under my widow's dress. It would be better for the character and more period appropriate than my larger 115" one that I usually wear.

So, the reality plan: sew up the paletot as it is right now. Finish with hand buttonholes, covered buttons and fringe trim applied to the bodice. Then sew up the 90" hoop. Then come back to the paletot (possibly after the Knott's event) to finish applying the trim to the hem.


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Whenever you finish it, I can tell it's going to be absolutely gorgeous! I might be at that event, and I will know you when I see you if you have it on! Thanks for sharing, and hope to see photos of you wearing the finished paletot!

Take Care,

Jennifer said...

Thank you!
If you do come to Knott's, please search me out on Oak Street. I'll be Mrs Rosbrugh in navy on Saturday and Mrs Minton in black on Sunday.