Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back in the Sewing Room

I took a much needed day yesterday to get back into my sewing room. It was so thrilling - there's a reason I call sewing my "passion" (and have since I was about 14).

After our Fort Knott's event was cancelled, I got bored with finishing my gray paletot. I mean, why finish anything if you're not going to use it for another year? I'll just tack the pinned-on fringe now, then later trace and sew on the cording during my "quite time" next fall/winter.

But to not disappoint you, here are photos of the current state:

Fringe is simply pinned on. Tacking will be soon.

So what DID I do yesterday?

Well, I went thru my fabric bins to freshen my mind as to what's in there. Ohhh, so many goodies and projects just waiting to be born. I found a half-finished modern shirt, tank top and skirt that'll take me all of a Saturday to finish them all. Yea for new clothes! And in purple too!

But my REAL projects are the new costumes! :-)

I've been talking with my good friend, Meg, this last week and she has inspired me to get off my 3-week long (or is it 4?) sewing laziness butt and Get With It on projects for Costume College. If you've been reading my blog posts here you know I've been trying to get into the 18th Century for a while. I'm really going to do it now. Really.

Or at least a little bit.

I've pulled out my lovely, thin, woven striped cotton for my 1843 summer day dress that I had intended to make for Costume College 2007. I ordered the 1845 German Gown pattern from Truly Victorian and, along with my previous notes on the design, will be completing the dress this spring.

Here is my inspiration (blue dress) and the fabric:

As for the rest of my afternoon, I spent it reading through the sewing instructions (greatly lacking in depth) of my new Reconstructing History 1740s-1790s Stays pattern, finding a suitable twill base from my stash along with choosing to use the leftover pink silk from my 1876 Evening Gown for the outer cover, copying the pattern and making a mock-up.

The mock-up was out of tagboard (same thing as file folders). As careful as I was, it did rip a little, but I managed to readjust the armhole so it was comfortable and move the center/side seam line for better placement on me (see on the right side in photo). I also shaped the tabs to fit over my hips and drew in five new shorter ones versus the seven drawn on the pattern. (I'm sorry - I don't want to spend that much time going around each of those tiny tabs with bias to finish.)

So current projects:

1780s Pink Stays
1843 Green Striped Summer Gown

I will definitely be posting progress reports!


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Very anxious to see them! The
1840's are my favorite decade in fashion!

Jennifer said...

Cool! I hope I don't disappoint you.
The more I research the "lost" decades of the 1830s and 40s the more I love them.
My pattern arrived yesterday (Friday) and I'm excited to get going on the 1843 dress.

The bonnet I made for it is pictured on the Cloak & Corset Photos page as winning a blue ribbon at the Fair.