Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prep-ing the 1844 Bodice

This past week I've taken apart my mock-up of the 1844 Summer Dress bodice and transferred all the fit markings to my paper pattern.

You can see I've shortened the bodice considerably so that it ends right at my waist. The skirt will be cartridge pleated onto a twill tape then tacked inside the bodice.

This will be worn over my 1830s/40s corset that I completed in 2007 for Costume College. The corset pattern is Past Patterns #001 Corded Stay.

You can see the fabric bending in at the waistline. The cording I put in was not enough support for my squishy form, so I've since added a bone at each side and bones around the CB grommets for support.

The corset could still use more boning and is a little large around my hips. I've thought about just tossing this corset and using my more comfortable Victorian corset but I want to be a bit more authentic with the popular solid busc front corset of the period.

This dress was initially for Costume College '07. All I finished was the undergarments. (The dress didn't get sewn and I needed sleep instead.) So I wore those around the hotel in my bonnet. It's funny how many people really didn't catch on to the fact that I was in my undergarments! The ruffled petticoat, shawl and bonnet really threw them off. :-)

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