Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1844 Bodice In Pieces

Whew... June has flown by with very little sewing to show for it. :-(

Now that the filming for the new Quick & Easy Victorian Corset Demonstration Video is over and the eBook is in the final stages before publication on July 9th, I can get back to my sewing for Costume College. Yea!

Here is what I've put together so far on my 1844 Summer gown.

I really took my time cutting each piece separately and then when sewing. Those stripes are something else! I love them.

I also decided to pipe every seam as was done in the 1840s. You can see the back and side back (on the left) stripes line up even with the piping running along the seam. I decided to ignore my grainline (shock!) to allow for stripe matching. The linen underlining, however, is cut on grain for support.

I found this lace from an eBay dealer that was already ivory, so no tea dying for me. Terrific!

All those stripes need something to break up the view, and I think this lace (similar to the fashion plate) is just the thing. But of course, trim on ANY 19th Century garment is required.

The skirt is still in cut panels, but I'm looking forward to a couple of nice evenings hand sewing in the cartridge pleats.

What are your favorite 1840s-set films I could put on for inspiration sewing? Perhaps I'll watch Jane Eyre (2006) again. It's fabulous!

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Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Can't wait to see it all done!