Tuesday, June 9, 2009

18th C. Pink Stays - Slow But Steady

I *have* actually been working on my Pink 18th C. Stays since my last post in March even if I've not shown you any in-progress pictures. I apologize for not sharing sooner.

On the pink silk I decided to use 100% cotton blue thread for the bone channel stitching as well as the hand eyelets along the center back.

The eyelets are slow going. Probably because I'm taking my time to not break the one strand of thread I'm using; but it's also due to putting on good costume drama flims that pull my attention away from sewing. Darn those Drool-Worthy Costumes!

Even though I will only be adding in cane boning to every other channel, I'm sad that the sketched bone channels on my pattern get lost in the sea of continuous stitching. The channels with the boning are colored in on my pattern, emphasizing the lines of the stitches and shape of the stays; whereas on the made up stays, they simply blend in. Oh, well. Maybe next time (much later) I'll not sew so many channel lines....

Working in a high-end designer furniture store for the past several years has its benefits: free fabric samples. I dug through my stash and found this large piece of cotton ticking print that was *exactly* big enough for my pattern.

That sample was made for corset lining! I like the muted green stripe color - such a choice for the inside of Pink stays with Blue stitching.

So, I have 8 eyelets left then I can put the five stay sections together and start binding. Ahh.. more costume flicks to distract....

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