Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Lovely Vintage Tea

Over the weekend I had the fun opportunity to attend a most delightful Vintage Tea in LA. Gina was the gracious hostess (despite breaking her shoe heel) and offered many delicious goodies to munch on while we perused the racks of vintage clothing.

The house and back patio were inviting, the treats yummy (I loved the brownie bites and cream stuffed strawberries!), the people fabulous and the clothing sleek, cheeky and fun!

Don't you just love Chantal's deep-curved 1950s black hat? It was made of awesome! Everyone wanted it.

I met up with my good friends Lana and Jenn (who I didn't know were coming until they arrived). Fabulous-ness!
Racks oozing with mid-20th Century clothes waiting to be tried on, modeled or purchased (for cheap!).

I wore my 1920s brown dress with my red t-strap heels I got at Kohls a couple years ago. I took the photo of me in the large picture mirror. The silver dress and jacket is vintage 1970s (and was a great color for Lana).
I looked through the racks but I normally shy away from 20th C. vintage clothing as it's usually too small for me. But hark!
As I was trying on a few jackets I pulled out this one:

As the buttons were closed I was *Amazed* at the PERFECT fit! It's a heavy satin, probably nylon as was huge in the 1950s as the new fabric. The wide collar and pepulm are trimmed with black velvet, beads and couched cording. It looks home-made because the seams are simply pinked and pressed open and a modern facing finishes the neckline. But the construction is well done.

So I can now believe there were people in the past with my figure traits.
I wouldn't dream of wearing it, but wouldn't it be fun to find an antique 19th C. gown (my choice: 1870s) that fit perfectly? I guess we'll have to make do with sewing our own...


Barbara said...

So beautiful - I love vintage clothing :)

AlohaAroha said...

So cute! You look perfect in the 1920s outfit!