Thursday, August 13, 2009

So What Happened? (CoCo 09)

To appease those of you who have been wondering about the adventures of Costume College 2009, here is the event through my changeable blue/green eyes.

THURSDAY: Arrived in mid-afternoon. Unloaded two vehicles with about 6.17 tons of STUFF. (Strangely no sewing machines were included.) Hung out at Info/Check-In to help set up. Sewed last two eyelets in my pink stays straps.

Dressed some funky, beat up mannequins in my 1876 Gown and my husband’s Regency ensemble.

Talked with lots of new and old people. Rolled hair in tight sponge curlers. Can you believe bed before midnight??

FRIDAY: Ratted and sprayed and ratted and sprayed some more to get my own hair into Hedgehog City – circa 1788. Remind me again about why they liked a long straight ponytail hanging from under the cotton ball head cover…

Wore my new 18th C. Caraco and Quilted Petticoat – This outfit brought to you by department stores. Answered questions from the Info Desk. Stuck a kazillion labels on cards for the Random Wheel of Knowledge.

Taught another terrific 19th C. Corded Petticoat class. The room overflowed into the hall with over 30 people again!
Learned about Stays & the Body from Lynn Sorge-English. So... our hunches were right about them not knowing what they were doing.

Quick to the Marketplace for early shopping with Sara. I’m a sucker for navy Regency bonnets. Anyone with me?

20 minute dinner at the hotel


Welcome Ceremony -
which seemed lacking due to Freshman Orientation being held earlier in the day.

More shopping. A quick shower and change – Only 10 minutes to brush out all those rats and tangles! Guess it helps having fine, straight hair.

Time to Panic!

I had a few less people panicking with me this year. But met a lovely mother and daughter from Canada who were finishing the daughter's teal bustle skirt hem. And Laura who loves Elizabethan so much she repurposed her old army uniforms – complete with glowing reflective tape.
(Don’t tell anyone we stayed REALLY late.)

SATURDAY: Curl setting lotion is the bomb! Wore my newly finished 1844 Dress. (Only two years late.) I need a bigger bum pad.

Figured out how to drape a Francaise gown.
Maegen – any time is fine with me to get together and drape our new gowns. (Another project added to the list.)

More shopping.

Did I say I’m a sucker for blue Regency bonnets?

Talked and chatted with so many people every time I visited the Marketplace. Delightful.

Enjoyed Sally Queen and Mela’s Hollywood class. Ooh, we need a whole class focusing on one film and the historical and not-so-historical costuming parts.

Back in the tiny room again to teach about the quickest way to make a Victorian Corset.

Despite the overflow into the hallway and the late hour, I saw nearly everyone find some tip or technique to take home.

Collapse in the room – no wait, need to dress for the Gala. No time! Curled hair, hooked and looped dresses together. Flounced about the room. Rushed to dinner. Danced to a great selection of music. Admired the general “prettiness” of the entire ballroom. Gushed at the marvelous beauties. How did the night go so quickly?

SUNDAY: No Undies but comfy jeans and top. Sally’s class on 18th C. Dress Down Friday Jackets. Inspirational. Can I have them for modern Friday work wear?

Back to Marketplace where I chatted with yet MORE people. (And I wondered why I hadn’t succeeded in completing my shopping list yet.)

Hauled a huge purple bin up to the Hospitality Suite to teach people about the inside of 19th C. clothing. "So that’s how they did that!"

Ok, REALLY have to get my shopping done now – last chance. Then my Hand Embroidery Class where we were all tired out but had fun twirling thread around a needle and pulling through.

CGW Annual Meeting – under 2 hours! You have no idea how excited we were (unless, of course, you yourself were at the 2006 historic SIX hour meeting.) Casey for Director of All Future Elections!

Dinner at Millie’s. Laughed until we cried - several times – I think exhaustion and Wrackspurts had taken over at that point. Chatted about next year. (Helps having the new Dean and CGW VP, Programming Chair and Registrar, not to mention other Committee Heads, with you at the table.)

(I don't really know how Becky was still able to take pictures at this point.)

Back to the hotel where we packed, stayed up way too late discussing plans and changes for next year, then crashed into bed. zzzzz.....

My apologies for not getting up off the sofa sooner and letting you read about the goings on. When you're a teacher, attendee, and committee head, that one long weekend takes it all from you. Now, two weeks later and I'm back to the sewing room. hehe

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