Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome! How Can We Help You?

Just want to give a shout out to all of our new Cloak & Corset members: A very warm welcome!

We hope you enjoy the monthly newsletters, vintage articles, recommended resources and much more found here. Sara and I are busy discussing new ways to give you the information you seek to sew beautiful 19th Century clothing.

But we want to hear from you Today so we can discover what you really need to know for your current and up-and-coming projects.

Just drop us a line at Sewing at CloakAndCorset dot com or post a comment here (see that word "comment" down below?) or even catch us over on our Facebook fan page.

What is your #1 question about 19th Century sewing?

Let us know!


Renske said...

Yes, i do have a #1 question!
how do you know which colour fabric is appropriate for which period and occasion?
i love all the colours and fabrics available in store's these days but how do i know if the print is period correct?
it's not a real sewing question...but i do think more of us have the same problem!

o and just like to say i love love love your site and products!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the welcome and the wonderful information you share.

I reading Ellen J. Gehret's book: Rural Pennsylvania Clothing. Next summer I have volunteered to help with the kitchen garden at an historical house featured in an annual Pennsylvania German Folklife festival. So I searching the web and learning all I can about fabrics, sewing and costumes.

Thanks again.


Jennifer said...

Renske - your question is perfect because colors and fabric selections are such a valuable area of design. I'm definitely writing this one down. Keep a look out for an upcoming newsletter article on this subject. I may also post tips here on the Blog and over on Facebook too from time to time. Thank you for the input!

Ani - Oh, how fun it would be to volunteer at a real working historical site like yours in Pennsylvania. You learn so much about everything!
What time period does the house operate under? That will give me some hints as you what you need to learn about sewing and the clothing you want to make. I'm sure we have more members needing the same information. Thanks for writing. Hope to hear back from you.