Saturday, December 19, 2009

First-Person Reenactor Site: Homespun Living History Guild

The Homespun Living History Guild site has many articles on first person reenacting in the 18th and 19th centuries. If you're looking for more civilian information on portraying characters from the past, Victorian Rumble's essays will certainly delight.

Check out her recent posting on Christmas in the 1800s. It's filled with popular decorations, food and sweets, lifestyles, and war-time celebrations in the Victorian era.

There's also a post on Civil War hairstyles gleaned from several period sources.

And if you are working on creating your 19th C. persona, Victoria has also written "Portraying the Victorian Woman" to help you along. It is nicely composed; however, the CDV's in the Upper Class section might simply be women in the middle or upper-middle class. It is hard to be definite without names.
Upper class members at reenactments are rarely found. Extensive research on this monied group must be done before you attempt it. (If unsure, stick to upper-middle class and you'll still get to wear the pretty gowns and leave the cooking to the servants.)

Victoria Rumble is author of Thistle Dew Books, one of which is Victoria's Home Companion, or The Whole Art of Cooking which is a Fabulous book on 19th Century cooking.

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