Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Modern 3-in-1 Historical Garment

My husband has one of those HUGE coats with a lining that zips out. It's a 3-in-1 where you can wear it 1) complete with outer part and lining, 2) just the outer part, or 3) just the thinner lining part. He loves it too.

Well, I said: What a perfectly modern idea for historical wear! Since we in the northern hemisphere are now into the winter season, a new jacket, pelisse or cloak would be just the thing to try out this contemporary styling.

So when you're making up that next outerwear piece, give it this modern twist. Make up the outer layer properly with a good underlining that will wear and show nicely. You may even make the garment up as usual with a proper lining and underlining. Then, using the same pattern (perhaps cut a tiny bit smaller), make up a single layer of the garment for the removable lining. (Finish the edges with binding or a narrow hem.)

Attach the lining inside the outer layer with ties or buttons along the inside edges. You can try hooks and thread loops but they may not hold as well. For period accurate clothing, you, of course, should never use zippers on any garment prior to the early 1930s. Snaps would also work, however they would show when the removable lining was not attached.

So... what a modern take on 19th C. clothing! If you live in a cold climate that extra layer may be just the thing to take you through three seasons. Try using a good cotton or wool flannel for coziness. Then you'll be all ready for that skating party, a walk in the woods, or for traveling to the ball.

Have you already used this trick for a historical outer garment? Write a comment below or send a note to sewing@cloakandcorset.com to let us know your success with it.

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Sabayon said...

Oh that is such a good idea. I just finished a cloak of dubious historicity, and so I may try this for my next winter piece.