Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Working With Taffeta Bodices?

Finding the right underlining for taffeta (anything, really) can be a challenge. Last night I was discussing this with my friend, Bridget. She's a buyer for Renaissance Fabrics, and she mentioned they have a new 60" cotton twill that flat lines taffeta beautifully.

19th Century bodices need a lot of under support to hold the bodice in shape, be sturdy enough for boning, and create a firm base for trims. Twill fabric works best for this garment. You can also use a denim or tightly woven poplin as well. Remember, for best results, use 100% cotton or linen or a blend of the two for your underlinings.

So check out RF's new twill for flat lining your latest ballgown bodice. Tell them you heard about it from Cloak & Corset!


Jennifer said...

Ooh! Did I mention they have new exclusive striped taffeta? 1/2" stripes in a a few colors that are perfect for 18th C. gowns and 1870s bustle dresses.

Anonymous said...

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush................