Wednesday, July 22, 2009

18th Century Wanderings

Last weekend I got to the sewing point of being able to fit my 1780s caraco and quilted petticoat. The caraco is the JP Ryan pattern and went together quite easily. The sleeves on my mock-up are different as I sewed up one, made immediate alterations then cut and set in the second one.

The skirt part would look very cute polonaised up, but for now I'll omit the buttons and strings to do so. One would like ruched trim rather than extra fluff at this point.

My pink stays are close to done. However, with the lower binding still left to do, it may not be as far as I think it is. In this photo I have four more eyelets to complete the straps, the lower binding (which I've started) and tack in the lining.

Also, the brown quilted petticoat was made up last weekend. The reverse side really shows off the quilting stitches so I flat felled the side seam to make it reversible. Below is the top of the petticoat where I'm tearing it apart to cut down the cotton batting. This will help make a flatter waistband (as well as making it easier to sew).

If you are attending Costume College next week, you can find me in this outfit on Friday the 31st.

Make sure to stop by, introduce yourself and pick up your special Cloak & Corset ribbon.

Monday, July 20, 2009

1844 Dress - Getting Finished!

My, oh my, but I've been away too long. So sorry I've been up to my shoulders with Costume College planning and sewing. Gee, it must be July!

Anyway, the 1844 Summer Dress is nearly done. The bodice only lacks back closing hook and thread loops, the collar tacked down and the lace around the revers and center point.

I only put in four bones: at the centers and one at each side seam. Because it is tightly fitted and the era doesn't call for fully boned bodices, only these four were needed.

The skirt is marked for the center back cartridge pleats while the rest of it will be knife pleated in to fit my twill tape waistband that will then be whipstitched to the inside of the bodice. Oh, and of course the lace down the sides of the center front bias panel are still left to tack. The wide hem facing has already been whipstitched down.

Overall it's come together nicely - once I got past the several hours of work on cutting the whole project out, including the 325" of bias for piping that wasn't enough so I had to go cut more from my scraps that were left. The cutting took way more time than I expected.

The dress will be worn over these undergarments (plus one more petticoat):

If you will be attending Costume College this year, you can see it in person on Saturday, Aug. 1st as I attend classes and teach my Quick & Easy Victorian Corset Sewing Tips class.

Hope to see you there! And come find me to show off your latest project and receive a special Cloak & Corset ribbon. :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gone With The Wind event

For those interested in Gone With The Wind (Fabulous but for Hollywood's take on 1860s costumes and make-up), the Marietta, GA Gone With The Wind Museum will be hosting “70 Years of Gone With the Wind: A Re-Premiere" in November. Star signings, a costume ball, special movie screening, and more will be available. Go Here to find out what's in store.

Enjoy the weekend. And remember to avoid studying any of Scarlet's bodices, which are totally wrong, and check out Melanie's delicate bonnets.

If you're a Civil War reenactor, make sure to point out how vital Civilians were to keep our country going while the men (and a few women) were out fighting for whichever cause they believed in.

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Corset Sewing Contest & eBook!

For Corset Contest Details, visit this page:

For more details or to purchase, click here.